US Together, Inc.
Together, we can make the world better!

To meet its mission, US Together provides services in seven program areas:

Interpreter Services
  • Recruitment and training of interpreters and translators;
  • Provision of interpreters and translators;
  • Specialized program for health access;
  • Workshops to service providers on how to work with interpreters.

Refugee Support Services
  • Reception and Placement Services (pre-arrival processing, reception services, development and implementation of resettlement plan, documentation, orientation, employment assessment, referrals and social service linkage, follow-up, and basic needs support);
  • Acculturation and Orientation classes;
  • Information and Referral;
  • Linkage to community resources;
  • Case Management;
  • Advocacy;
  • Coordination of community volunteers;
  • Topic specific workshops.

Employment Services
  • Job Readiness classes;
  • Job development;
  • Job search assistance;
  • Job placement;
  • Follow-up and retention services.

Health Access
  • Coordination and advocacy for access to health care resources;
  • Linkage to health care providers;
  • Needs identification studies;
  • Individualized assistance.

School Access
  • Parent-School Liaison program ;
  • Linkage to school system;
  • School orientation for parents;
  • Linkage to education resources in the community;
  • Topic specific workshops on parenting issues.

Citizenship and Integration Services
  • Citizenship classes;
  • Integration services;
  • Immigration Services.

Community Consultation and Technical Assistance Services
  • Cultural Competency training to community providers;
  • Data collection/research ;
  • Needs assessment of refugee populations and data on service utilization;
  • Workshops for community providers and leaders on services available for refugees and immigrants.
US Together, Inc.
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