Refugee Integration Conference 2018

On October 30th and 31st, our agency hosted our 2018 Refugee Integration Conference. Throughout the conference, we collected valuable resources for our community. Partnerships in the public, private, nonprofit agencies, and service providers focused on trauma and the healing process within our healthcare system. In addition, speakers showcased best practices from the field, and provided state-level information around the economic costs associated with the under-utilization of immigrant professionals. For your convenience, we have provided the presentations below.


Aspire offers integrated English language and occupational skills training.

  • Aspire has 49 different programs throughout Ohio.

  • Aspire offers “bridge” classes to employment and post-secondary.

  • Some libraries are lending out hot spots for digital literacy to help with digital barriers of New Americans.



A holistic framework for assisting New American clients.

  • How to build organizational partnerships.

  • Re-skilling and licensing New Americans.

  • How to teach professional skills to clients.



Advocating for workforce policies inclusive to immigrants.

  • Clear plans for addressing immigrant job-seekers needs.

  • How Ohio compares to other states in addressing New American needs.

  • Policy changes and barriers to resources.



Epidemiology of trauma and substance abuse in refugees.

  • Trauma disparities among refugee groups.

  • Integration challenges in the Bhutanese refugee community.

  • Mental health, anxiety, depression, and PTSD in refugee populations.



Heart of Ohio Family Health Centers

Accessing Comprehensive Care

Access to quality care regardless of patients ability to pay.

  • Trauma informed care in the New American community.

  • The social determinants of health.

  • Trauma-informed principles within Heart of Ohio Family Health



US Together’s Intensive Case Management

Trauma Informed Care for Refugees and Survivors of Torture

Definition of torture.

  • The prevalence of torture.

  • Common methods of torture.

  • Comprehensive services available for survivors



Understanding your audience and platform.

  • How to evoke emotion through story.

  • The power of self-story.

  • Developing a strategy and encouraging others to take action.



The impact of mid-term elections on New Americans

  • How to challenge false and hateful information about refugees

  • How to ask candidates to support candidates. 

  • How non-profits can navigate the election process.