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Social Integration Programs


We Offer the Following Social Integration Programs

Our agency offers a wide array of integration services intended to help refugees and immigrants become self-sufficient economically, socially, and mentally. We work directly with community partners to ensure clients receive individualized care.

Access to Healthcare »
Through our comprehensive integration programs, case managers link clients to critical resources and trauma-informed care.

Arts and Athletics for Refugee Kids (AARK) »
The integration process can be difficult for families, especially for young children. This program offers refugee kids the opportunity to relax, play, and make valuable connections.

Community Consultation & Technical Assistance »
We provide cultural competency training to community service providers in order to create a welcoming environment for New Americans.

Family Strengthening »
Committed to school success, this program offers guidance and community resources for parents with school-age children. Our Education Coordinator works directly with clients to help them navigate the American school system.

Intensive Case Management for the Most Vulnerable »
Many refugees and immigrants arrive in the United States after years of hardship. As a result, some of our clients suffer from trauma-related illnesses. Our case management provides linkage to healthcare, employment, and education for these vulnerable populations.

Refugee Reception and Placement »
One of our primary goals is to resettle refugees and work with them to build their new life in the United States.

Services for Victims of Crime and Gender Violence»
Case managers in this program understand that victims suffer personal loss, experience stress and trauma, and will need guidance in the aftermath of a crime. We provide linkage to medical case management and trauma-informed care.

Youth Mentorship »
New American youth are paired with qualified mentors that assist them with their transition from high school to post-graduate life. 

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US Together is proud to offer programs through local offices in three cities around Ohio. Click on your city to learn more about the services available closest to you.


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