Youth Mentorship 

In an effort to streamline the academic and professional advancement of refugee youth, this program pairs young refugees with qualified adult mentors. Through a combination of case management and various mentoring activities, youth learn how to develop healthy relationships with their peers, access community resources, and establish concrete career goals. Mentors coordinate between youth and community partners to organize job-shadowing events, social outings, and civic development learning opportunities. The purpose of this program is to ensure refugee youth are supported by the community and encouraged to apply to college or pursue a professional career.

Services Include

Career and Academic Preparation

  • Provision of culturally and linguistically appropriate vocational training specific to youth via apprenticeships and internships

  • Culturally competent delivery of employment services

  • Assistance with refugee youth academically through college visits, application preparation, and resume-building

Removal of Barriers to Success

  • Increasing understanding of U.S. civics and communities

  • Providing access to physical, mental, and sexual health services

  • Tutoring and homework help

  • Financial guidance and assistance opening a savings and checking account