A Huge Achievement

Purchasing Their First Home

Toledo family that bought house.jpeg

Despite culture shock, economic challenges, and language barriers, US Together Toledo has seen their refugee clients adapt to new changes, grow their families, and establish themselves in a new country! In the five years since the Toledo office’s opening, five refugee families purchased a home in the area – a truly impressive accomplishment and a great asset for any family.

Our most recent family to purchase a home arrived in Toledo in 2016 after fleeing Syria in 2014. Heba, Hussam, and their two children Amro and Talal spent two years in a Jordanian refugee camp before arriving in the United States. Like many refugees, Hussam faced barriers that prevented him from continuing his original line of work as a salesperson. To remedy the situation, he enrolled in US Together’s employment program. With our help, he secured two different jobs in Toledo, the second of which he is happily employed to this day. Through our job coaching program, Hussam acquired critical application and interviewing skills for future employment opportunities. Several community partners and volunteers were utilized in providing job training, transportation, and interpretation for him during this process.

 In addition to Hussam’s steady employment, US Together matched his family with a mentor who has regularly provided cultural advice, encouragement, and friendship for them and their children. Both children are attending school and thriving in their classrooms. Through our Art and Athletics for Refugee Kids (AARK) program, both children are connecting with the community, making friends, and gaining confidence in navigating new cultural realities. Throughout their time in Toledo, the entire family has worked hard to make the most out of their situation by attending ESL classes and educational programs provided by our office and maintaining a positive attitude!

 We are happy to have guided this family towards reaching their goal. Through our face-to-face financial literacy classes, they gained financial skills necessary for purchasing a house! We are very proud of their hard work and dedication. We wish this family all the best in their new home, and are confident they will experience years of joy, laughter, and love in their new space.