US Together Cleveland at One World Day

UST at OWD September 2019.jpg

On Sunday, August 25th, US Together staff and clients joined more than 15,000 attendees at the annual One World Day celebration in the Cleveland Cultural Gardens. One World Day celebrates the diversity and multiculturalism of Cleveland and promotes peace through understanding.

In addition to a parade of flags, naturalization ceremony, and a wide array of new foods and dances, attendees had the opportunity to meet some of the refugees responsible for enriching the Greater Cleveland area.  Writer Adolphe Musanga, Syrian Jeweler Mohamed, and Bhutanese Jewelers Nar and Mangali shared their work with attendees. Adolphe brought copies of his book “From Congo to Cleveland,” which depicts his journey to the United States as he searched for a brighter future. Nar and Mangali shared bracelets and necklaces they hand-beaded in Nepali fashion, and Mohamed shared his hand-beaded Resilience bracelets.

Visitors to the US Together table learned how refugee resettlement is a two-way bridge. Our refugee clients give as much, if not more, to their community. Adolphe, Mohamed, Nar, and Mangali are just a few of the clients in our Micro Enterprise Development program who are enriching the community through their micro businesses.