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AmeriCorps VISTA Program

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Opportunities for VISTA Members

  • Gain immersive, hands-on experience in a nonprofit environment.

  • Develop strong networking and capacity-building skills by working with community partners and organization.

  • Serve the refugee and immigrant population through strategic organizational support.


An Overview

US Together sponsors five AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) each year. VISTA members build capacity to help us generate funds, encourage volunteer services at the local level, and assist with strategic planning.

First-Year VISTA Members

Marcus Andrews - Columbus

Ebony Caldwell - Columbus

Mika Timura - Cleveland

Hope Fierro- Cleveland

Nat Dick - Toledo

Second-Year VISTA Members

Meave Fryer - Columbus

Isaiah Baker - Columbus

Theresa McCario - Cleveland

Jordan Wells - Cleveland

Phillip Price - Toledo



We are entering our second year with VISTA Members. Take a look at the accomplishments of our five first-year members who are completing their years of service in July and August 2019. Nat Dick, from Toledo, worked on community outreach, curriculum development, and grant writing. Marcus Andrews from Columbus spearheaded our new website and donor management platform, and Mika Timura from Cleveland revamped her office’s communications strategy. Ebony Caldwell in Columbus developed four new educational curricula for various programs, and Hope Fierro in Cleveland focused on capacity building through volunteer outreach and training.


To learn how to become a VISTA Member, contact one of our offices: