Community Supports Single Mother

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On June 10th, one of our clients needed a few items. We reached out on Facebook for help and concerned community members like you mobilized immediately! Within two hours, we received over 50 responses. Donations and prayers came pouring in as our Facebook feed was overwhelmed with support. A single mother of two, Nyala (name changed) is a former refugee from Ethiopia. Since her arrival in the United States in December, she has faced a multitude of social and economic barriers. With the items donated, she now has time to breathe. After escaping tyranny and persecution, refugees are thrown into an entirely new society with little understanding of English. Navigating a new country can be exhausting, especially for a young, single mother. That’s why even the smallest donation – a pack of baby wipes – makes a world of difference. On behalf of Nyala, we thank you for your continuous love and support.